Rosa Luisa Rossi

Rosa Luisa

Rosa Luisa

Rosa Luisa's personal experience with the Alexander Technique is the developement of her potential. Dormant capacities and hidden possibilities came more and more to the surface and enriched her life enormously.

She is mostly inspired to share the principles of the Alexander Technique with others in such a way, that they can experiment as well with the use of themselves in their every day life and activities.

She has taught the Alexander Technique since 1986 in Switzerland and abroad. In her workshops she combines the Alexander Technique with all kind of performances such as singing, japanese tea ceremony, dancing, painting and last but not least - vision. She also teaches workshops in business, educational fields and arts.

Rosa Luisa was one of the 3 Congress Directors of the 8th International Alexander Technique Congress 2008, held in Lugano/Switzerland.

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Rosa Luisa Rossi
Im Theodorshof 13
4310 Rheinfelden
Telephone : 061 831 51 19

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