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The teaching language for all workshops is English (with friendly help with translation into local languages)

Atmosphere at an Altevi workshop

Atmosphere at an Altevi workshop

The intention of the workshops are to guide their participants to a concious state of connected being which includes integrated vision.

As we become aware of habitual patterns and discover new possibilities, we develop our ability to see, move, think and feel with more range and ease in any area of our life.

The workshops are primarily based on the principles of the Alexander Technique and secondarily on the practice of the Bates Method. The workshops teach the participants to practice means of improving their vision and eyesight naturally while conciously applying the principles of the Alexander Technique.

They are suitable for:

  • Anyone who is interested in body, mind and vision, with or without experience in these fields.
  • All those who wish to develop a deeper understanding of their own use including the use of their eyes.
  • Alexander teachers wishing to learn more about their own vision and how to include this knowledge in their teaching.
  • Vision teachers who wish to develop thier awareness of the body.

We work (and play):

  • as a large group
  • in small groups
  • one to one with a teacher

Expect to:

  • have fun
  • learn more about your personal use and potential
  • gain tools to continue developing visual and sensory awareness

The schedules include:

  • movement sessions
  • anatomical information
  • guided visualisations
  • individual practice
  • shared meals in beautiful surroundings

The teaching team is passionately interested in exploring our potential to be and see and move with ease and enjoyment.

They offer a variety of skills from the fields of vision, movement and group work. They have all studied aspects of vision and sensory awareness for many years and are all qualified Alexander teachers with a wide range of experience.