About our work

Private lessons

A private lesson is an opportunity to explore oneself in depth with the teachers undivided attention.

The 4 Teachers

Private Lesson

Most of our daily activities, we do without “thinking” as they are habitual and simple. The teacher guides the pupil verbally and by using her hands into a new conscious awareness of what he/she is doing and thinking in activity. This growing awareness is gradually applied to all areas of her/his life, changing long term habits for the better in vision and movement, to allow a hidden potential to be experienced and expressed in personal and professional life.

Group settings

The extra benefit of group setting comes from the input, energy, and interaction of the participants.

Working in a group

Group Setting

It allows different and indirect ways of learning, through games, activities and observation of one-self and others. The teachers, aims and methods are similar to private lessons.

Introduction of ALTEVI work and continuous education

There are the following types of introduction to Altevi Work.

At a workshop

A workshop

  1. An evening of presentation of ALTEVI work.
    Followed by three evenings during the following month exploring and experiencing the work.
  2. One day experience on a week-end working together, guided and supported by one or more teachers with the possibility of follow-ups.
  3. Week-end group gives more time for exploring ALTEVI work, guided and supported by one or more teachers. Here too, with the possibility of follow-ups.
  4. A six day workshop gives us space and time from our habitual rhythm in life. This allows us to stop, step back and make discoveries in beautiful surroundings. It is like a holiday which could be extended before or after.