The Altevi Team

Altevi was founded in 2002 by Brigitte Cavadias and Marjory Fern, who had worked together for many years, exploring and teaching the Alexander Technique and Vision Improvement.

The 4 Teachers

Brigitte, Rosa Luisa, Lucia & Marjory

Rosa-Luisa Rossi and Lucia Walker joined Altevi to form a team of global practitioners with experience and training in Vision Improvement. These four teachers have been joined by Marianne Moinot in 2007 and Cristina Masip in 2008.

By working together as a team we bring all our skills and knowledge together to enhance and develop our own potential and that of others.

Our intention is to work in a creative, innovative way to create a synergy:synergy •n. the working together of two or more elements to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. (Collins Dictionary)

Each teacher is capable of guiding small and large groups in an enriching, supportive way. As well, the strength of our team is the flexibility to drop or add one or more teachers for a workshop according to the needs of the situation.