Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an unique method because it makes people aware of how they manage themselves in everyday life.

Alexander work at a workshop

Alexander Technique at a workshop

Usually we decide to do something and then accomplish it, without noticing the excessive tensions, physical and mental, used to achieve our goal.

An Alexander teacher helps a pupil to recognise unconscious habits and then how to initiate changes that lead towards greater ease, poise and energy in daily life. Habits can act like chains preventing us from achieving our full potential.

The Technique is named after its founder, F.M. Alexander. In the late 19th century as a young actor he developed a severe vocal problem. When doctors assured him nothing was organically wrong he began observing himself constantly, to find out what he was doing to cause the problem.

Over many years he first discovered his unconscious habits and then slowly found ways to change them. Not only did his voice problems disappear, but he gained benefits throughout his entire system. From then on, he taught his technique to others in the UK & USA.

By the end of his life the Alexander Technique was well established in these countries. Over the last 50 years the technique has spread throughout the world as accredited schools have trained many people to become teachers.

If you wish to find out more about the Alexander Technique the visit The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique