Altevi stands for Alexander Technique & Vision Improvement.

Altevi is an organisation which provides many ways for people to improve their vision and keep their eyes healthy, with or without glasses.

The four Altevi teachers

Altevi Teachers
Brigitte, Marjory,
Cristina, Marianne,
Rosa Luisa & Lucia

Altevi teaches people methods and activities to intergrate the function of eyes, brain and body in a dynamic, balanced way which can result in measurable improvements in their eyesight.

Altevi uses the principles and teachings of the Alexander Technique in conjunction with the Bates Method.

F.M. Alexander pioneered the technique to identify and change fixed habits, which interfere with the way we manage ourselves.

Dr Bates, an ophthalmologist in the USA, spent many years studying the functioning of the eyes, and developed a new approach to improving vision naturally.